The Definition of “Marketing” For Leaders

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The Definition of “Marketing” For Leaders

Proper Definition of Marketing
What is "Marketing"?

Marketing means the holistic integrated management of exchange. This management directs decisions about Product, Price, Promotion, Distribution, People, Processes, Positioning and Politics… all described as the 8Ps of Marketing. (Described below for your convenience.)

The PIMS Database

Only a select few know the secrets of the PIMS Database (the Profit Impact of Marketing Strategies)… the tools of international consultancies and multi-national corporations.

Prac-ademic Know-How

True Leadership Empowerment comes from decades of applying these tools, models and secrets successfully with repetitious commercial success.

marketing for leaders definition

One of the co-dependent “8Ps of Marketing” is…


“People don’t want quarter-inch drills. They want quarter-inch holes.” – Theodore Levitt

What is your product “type”? What is the product category across different segments? Where does it sit in its product life-cycle? What should be done in new product innovation & development? What are the branding issues that suit?

marketing for leaders definition

Often, under-optimised with the “8Ps of Marketing” is…

Pricing Strategy

“Price is all your customers care about because you haven’t given them anything else to care about.” – Seth Godin

Pricing tactics, often disguised as pricing strategies, can cost business market share profits and opportunity. Sometimes, clarity and leadership are the missing pieces to fast improvements in profits.

marketing for leaders definition

A key component of the “8Ps of Marketing” is…

Place (Distribution)

Distribution strategy and channel management can determine your place on the market-share ladder, reinforce or destroy positioning, secure profitable segments or block access to them. Make sure yours is right!

The Promotional MIx is just one part of the Marketing Mix.

Marketing Communications, a “P of Marketing” is also called.


There is massive science behind managing your Promotional Mix. The strategy for ideal IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) requires vast understanding of behavioural science, multi-media, psychology, mathematics, and empirical academic findings.

marketing for leaders definition

Another of the co-dependent “8Ps of Marketing” is…


Some of the world’s biggest, strongest, most enduring, multi-national marketers are successful on the back of strong processes. Often the domain of operationally focused leaders, the value of this asset can be underestimated and represent hidden opportunity. Marketing disciplines can capitalize on processes potential.

marketing for leaders definition

Vital to Marketing & “managing exchange” is participation of


Employee engagement, unengagement and disengagement, customer experience (CX), “Influencer” WOM, the multi-stage mass communication model, socio-cultural stakeholders, training, motivation, path-to-purchase, demographics, segments, CVM, lifetime value, buyer readiness, brand adoption… the meld of product and service.

How to grow market share

The 7th P” of Marketing has a few different names. One is…


… sometimes called Perceptual Positioning, or Physical Evidence (use mainly for marketing services) or in FMCG (or CPG) Packaging is the commercially appropriate focus.

Positioning is about building trust and confidence, reinforcing beliefs and perceptions.. integral to “managing exchange”.

Remove silos in your company

The 8th “P” of Marketing is a simple. commercial reality…


Leadership Empowerment can be undermined by secret agenda, silos, internal lobbying for control, egos, personalities, greed and more…

The concept of Internal branding is freely utilised in the service industry as an approach for leaders to thwart Politics.

Ask how to create A+ culture with Internal Marketing.

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