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Business Forecasting and Development

One of the great frustrations for us as consultants is the fact we are too rarely asked to forecast sales and business outcomes. We have the sales forecasting methods, knowledge, tools, and abilities to accurately forecast business opportunities.

Business Forecasting Consultant

From simple product launches to new corporate ventures, we can definitively confirm sales likelihood, quantitatively forecasting the sales opportunity and therefore the commercial prudence or risk. We can also assess the possible outcomes of a corporate takeover, acquisition, merger, or a new product launch into an unknown marketplace.

Our decision-making methodology and probability calculations are equal to the best in the world, with some additional proprietary algorithms that have made a discrete few millions in revenue. Some executives who were cynical to the accuracy and the potency of these skills have swallowed their pride and acknowledged the accuracy of our sales forecasting in the wake of our successful sales and business forecasts.