New Product Development & Launch

Good marketing makes selling unnecessary.

A Proven product launch checklist increasing your probability of launch success

Many product launches are spectacular flops, even though there was nothing wrong with the “core” product.

This comes from insufficient knowledge of your prime target audience, and the way you weave the elements of the 8″P’s” of your Marketing Mix. .

The team at Leadership Empowerment has decades of experience and has launched dozens of major international brands. We know the intricacies and science of blending your marketing mix so that it achieves multi-million dollar sales results.

You will be empowered with proven ways to develop sustainable competitive advantage in product development supported with optimal strategies for resounding product launch outcomes.

Are You Really, Truly Ready To Launch?

Take a look at the following questions:

  • Do you have a 360 degree understanding of the key and attractive segments in your market?
  • Do you know more about your close competitors than they do about themselves?
  • Have you nailed alignment and engagement of your organisation and all trade partners?
  • Have you built a detailed marketing plan that accurately forecasts the sales you KNOW will occur?
  • Have you written a marketing communications brief that nominates the specific results without constraining creativity?
  • Are you certain without a doubt that you will soon have a product in the home or office of every one of your target buyers?
  • Do you know buyer hot points, product category issues, and the class and nature of your innovation and competitive advantage?

If you do not respond with a resounding “yes” to any of these questions, you need Leadership Empowerment.

Why Work With Leadership Empowerment?

Creating a People-First Digital Transformation
Decades Of Experience

Our senior team leader brings unparalleled knowledge.

What if change management processes DON'T need to be hard?
Higher Profit Achievements

Help your company make record-breaking success.

The Best Gift for Employees Is Gratitude -- Here's Why
Amazing Product Launches

Blow everyone’s mind with a launch they will still be talking about in 20 years.

Helping Leaders Use Critical Thinking Skills in Decision-making
Strategic Guidance

Make the hard decisions based on information, not instinct.

How to Build Culture When Managing Remote Teams
Amazing Company Culture

Be the business that people are competing to join.

Radically Rethink Employee Engagement: Create Employee Fulfillment
Resolve Critical Issues

We’ll show you what’s really holding your brand back from stratospheric success.

Elite Marketing Experts

Deliver a product launch that will change the game for your company.

New Product Development

It’s All In The Planning

Let’s start from the ground up, using in-depth market research and extensive planning.

Access The 9 Components Of Product Launch Success

Our unique model brings leadership, marketing and customer fit together so your product gets noticed from the second it is released.

mission and vision development
mission and vision development

Be The Brand To Beat

A product launch should never be a fingers-crossed leap of faith.

We use strategies that deliver simply astonishing results, including tight and accurate forecasts so you have the right amount of stock, cash-flow and other resources to experience pain-free and profitable results.

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As globally acknowledged leadership consultants, you can rely on the best advice for total transformation of brands and businesses.

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