FMCG Marketing

When supermarkets average 20,000 to 30,000 lines, you need a profound and resilient FMCG marketing strategy, management, and planning based on decades of proven business success to ensure your FMCG products are as important to the retailer as they are to you.

FMCG Marketing Strategy
Words of Wisdom From Survivors of FMCG Marketing
  • “When your buyer says your brand is to be delisted, all you can hear is the blood pulsing through your heart, and the taste of bile in your mouth…”
  • “We needed Leadership Empowerment three years ago when we started… Now, we need to start again.”
  • “This business is wrought with land mines, not potholes… Anyone who thinks they can nail it without decades of experience, AND a great team, is destined for failure.”
  • “The world of fast moving consumer goods is possibly the hardest, cruellest and disciplined industries all them all.”
  • “Getting listed, and on the shelf, is NOT the goal… it is only the beginning: The REAL challenge is STAYING on the shelf and growing.”

The leading-edge strategy consultants at Leadership Empowerment hear these comments almost weekly. If you want the easiest path to avoid the potholes and land mines, you can tap into our expert FMCG marketing strategies and know-how.

Remember, 50% of FMCG profits come from products launched in the past three years. You NEED to optimise your competitive advantage now.

Why You’ll Love Working With Us

Leadership Empowerment helps FMCG businesses become more productive, improve their branding, expand their marketing communications, control their ad agencies, and refine their category management.

Using innovative, strategic, science-based interpretation of accurate market research along with our advanced understanding of consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketing models AND behavioural science means we can help you optimise your channel management and trade relationships, improve your product portfolio planning, and streamline your marketing mix.

Enjoy an easier, faster path to trial and brand adoption. Our special proprietary pre-launch new product assessment tool almost eliminates the chance of a product launch not going to plan. Our advanced market segmentation methods give you a competitive edge. The improved returns you’ll get from advertising, trade spend (sometimes called promotional budget), sales promotions, public relations (PR and publicity) will pay for your FMCG consultancy expenditure many times over!

BUT, that’s not all you’ll get if you appoint our team to help you. Think about these benefits:

  • Timely, often blue-ocean product development for competition-free growth across your product portfolio and a loyal consumer franchise
  • Sophisticated marketing strategies to secure fairer balance of power with channel partners
  • Fail-safe product launches using our proprietary pre-launch assessment and evaluation process
  • Optimised product extensions that protect and enhance your brand
  • Disciplined and formalized pricing strategy to optimise revenue management while maintaining value to users
    Polished category reviews, trade presentations, integrated marketing communications management, and formal marketing plans
An Example of How the Marketing Theory Plays Out in Real Commercial Experience

This brand’s target audience was young adults with dogs—a group of people with no awareness of this 40 year-old brand.

The marketing theory said, “simply start creating ‘awareness’”.

The test market was Adelaide, South Australia where the campaign secured market-share growth from 2% to 16 % in just 12 weeks.

The market-share leader reacted violently, spending emergency funds to stall the ensuing national roll-out when this campaign went to air in Sydney, New South Wales. But that still couldn’t prevent Bush’s’ market share from increasing 4% in that market, which was a SIGNIFICANT change in market share in any FMCG category.

Check If Your FMCG Marketing Needs Help

There are tricks of the trade and there is insightful, powerful, scientific knowledge waiting to be unleashed. Why not use both?

  • Have you a brand portfolio that matches the existing and impending segments in your market?
  • Is your product portfolio balanced with rising stars to replace aging cash cows?
  • Do you have product development innovation prepared to overcome substitution by retailer private label products?
  • Are your profits and sales growth 100% on target every year?
  • Do you leave a category review feeling thrilled or depressed?
  • Is one brand in your portfolio cannibalizing another?
  • Do you have a formal pricing strategy?
  • Do your marketing plans accurately predict sales outcomes?
  • Do you outmanoeuvre and outclass competitors at every turn?
  • Is there a buzz in the office and high morale among your team?
  • Is the future looking bright?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then you’re most likely leaving a whole lot of money on the table.

Let us help you fix it!