How to find the best Fractional CMO in Sydney

What you need to know about finding The best Fractional CMO in Sydney

What is a Fractional CMO?

A Fractional CMO is an experienced marketing executive who joins your team part-time or on a contract. They bring the strategic acumen and expertise of a full-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) without the full-time expense. Imagine having a top-level marketing expert in your corner, transforming your marketing strategy, and driving growth.

When should I hire a fractional CMO?

Many businesses don’t need a strategic CMO… – an operational marketing manager is all that is necessary to oversee Managerial, Operational, and administrative tasks.

But access to strategic CMO every now and again at board or C-Suite level can create a crucial high return advantage and deliver breakthrough growth and success.

A company should hire a fractional CMO when it wants or needs the right advice on key and milestone decisions that will impact the future of the organisation: Decisions like…

  • What business are we in?
  • How do we identify and capitalise upon customer path-to purchase behaviour?
  • Should we invest in a new product facility or a national advertising campaign?
  • Is it the right time to buy out or merge with a competitor?
  • Should we acquire part or all of our supply chain?
  • What should be our formal mission, vision, purpose, and value statement on which all decisions should be based?
  • Should we commission market research?
  • How do we asses out current marketing mix?
  • Is the Marketing team’s marketing plan likely to work?
  • Should we launch new products or new brands?

… and more!

What Expertise should you Expect a Fractional CMO to have?

It makes sense that a good fractional CMO possesses a university degree specifically in the field of marketing with additional postgraduate qualifications in strategy and planning; and is a seasoned business executive with experience across a number of different industries where they can claim responsibility for genuine and routine business successes.
(Don’t demand experience in your own industry – YOU have that… you need skills that complement your own, not compete with yours.)

  • A good fractional CMO should know how to design and implement winning marketing strategies for your business.
  • A good fractional CMO should be able to develop an optimal wireframe for budgeting on marketing expenditure to optimise return on marketing investment.
  • A good fractional CMO should be able to identify top-line issues within the first weeks of their appointment.
  • A good fractional CMO should be able to explain the suitability of change to brand portfolios.
  • A good fractional CMO should understand industry life cycle and the dynamics of competitive forces and nuances of customer behaviour.

A fractional CMO should be well versed in MUCH more than just marketing communications where they should be expert in strategy and planning and the management of marketing services providers. However, he/she should also be extremely well versed in pricing strategy, key account and channel management, industry and stakeholder management, product development, people management, process management, psychology, and perceptual management, economics, the political environment, legal and compliance issues, technology, ethical and ecological issues, demographics and firmographics, marketing, information management, internal marketing, competition analysis, corporate managerial governance, and more!

How Much Should You Pay a Fractional CMO?

The average fractional CMO will ask for between $200 and $375. But an extraordinary fractional CMO is on alert or standby for many more hours than they bill or charge for… constantly thinking about your problem/s and how best to deliver results for your organisation. An hourly cost can be misleading, or self-defeating, and a result-based agreement is usually the best option.

At Leadership Empowerment, we provide a discounted offer for the first 20 hours for diagnosis, top line information gathering, brief, and assessment. Thereafter your Fractional CMO can be remunerated according to your individual needs on a performance-based agreement where there is a win/win outcome.

Different Fractional CMO Needs for Different Organisations

An SME needs different Fractional CMO skills to those that can help a large multinational corporation.

A B2B (business-to-business) organisations needs different skills compared to a B2C (business-to-consumer) enterprise.

A start-up business with limited resources has different needs compared to an established national company suffering an industry downturn.

A government body with productivity challenges has different problems to those of a high-tech, digital or Blockchain-based enterprise.

Leadership Empowerment understands these needs, variable factors, industry-specific challenges, and the tools that are required to deal with them.

That is why you need our rare and valuable Fractional CMOs.

Fractional CMOs from Leadership Empowerment when You Must Have the Best

Leadership Empowerment Fractional CMOs have a litany of successes, decades of experience in Fractional CMO roles, genuine specialist qualifications at tertiary postgraduate level, and a passion for success.

Since 2003, Leadership Empowerment has an impressive history of strategic marketing successes, and its consultants were appointed with years of Fractional CMO success prior to that!

You won’t find more highly skilled professionals providing Fractional CMO services, empowering businesses with strategic marketing expertise to match your needs, resources and individual circumstances. With our in-house proprietary models, only recently adopted by some innovative business schools, you’ll leverage methods they’re still not teaching (yet) in some universities, invigorating and engaging your operational teams while simply outclassing your competitors.

Talk to a Fractional CMO for FREE

Any decent Fractional CMO will take much longer than 10 or 15 minutes to pass comment on your business. We’ll give you up to one full hour to explain your situation and get some top-line responses, so YOU can judge if a Leadership Empowerment fractional CMO is right for you.

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