Optimise people and organisational performance: Build your mission and vision statement. Create purpose. Establish a winning workplace culture. Improve Employee Engagement. Watch Productivity Soar!

COULD YOUR BUSINESS DO BETTER WITH A FRESH & POWERFUL PURPOSE, MISSION & VISION STATEMENT? You can build yours with academic knowledge, combined with decades of experience, utilising proven corporate methodology, using a foundation that is proven to deliver consistently successful business outcomes, even in uncertain, changing and crisis circumstances.

Rake in Fast, Measurable, Long-Term Benefits

Employee engagement up
Sick days down
Staff turnover down.
HR “incidents” down.
Morale is up.
Independent Initiative improved
Cooperation is being improved.
Customer satisfaction up. Customer complaints down.
Stakeholder satisfaction up.
Accidents are down.
Invisible shrinkage.
Ullage is down.


Proven methods used by multinationals around the world.
Facilitation by a qualified strategy planner, MBA lecturer and corporate executive trainer, business author, presenter and speaker in corporate governance, marketing strategist and business planning expert.
Mentor of executives from Mars inc., Procter and Gamble, Sara Lee, 3M, government & multiple B2B and B2C corporations

Make change happen – with willingness AND enthusiasm from your people, and support by stakeholders

Whether you want to

  • introduce new and innovative initiatives,
  • enforce policies that have been resisted by the internal or informal power structures within your organisation,
  • harmonise and inspire adoption of new policies, or
  • increase and improve the adoption of new tactics where there is resistance to change,

… the easy way to make it happen is when you lay down strategic guidelines founded on a profound and comprehensive MEVPIV.

When you embrace and endorse a legitimate MEVPIV, you create a mind map and engender root causes for all stakeholders to exhibit homogeneous thinking. All of a sudden, initiative becomes second nature. What’s more that initiative demonstrates or produces decisions that are in agreement with all other stakeholders and generally perceived as right.

The right MEVPIV destroys resistance to change . It encourages enthusiasm for change. It endorses willingness to change. Once a proper and appropriate MEVPIV is in place, it is easy to make change happen.

Leigh Cowan leading Marketing Governance expert

Why is a MEVPIV such a powerful tool in making change happen?

The MEVPIV: Mission, Ethos, Vision, Purpose, Intent, Values

So many people talk about “the why”… from the best business experts of the 20th Century (W. Edwards Deming, Peter Drucker, Jack Welch) to the new wave of social media thought leaders (Simon Sinek, Jay Shetty and Gary V. etc.) but no one tells you HOW to set-up, embrace and utilise the “why”, in practical terms…

The Corporate "why"

Setting up and applying the “why” so that it works… requires the development and religious (if not fanatical) commitment to your MEVPIV.

Once a strong mission is in place and the vision is set and the purpose has been shared with all stakeholders and the identity is clear the values almost form themselves.

Remember, detailing Values ensures you have a safety mechanism that establishes a checklist for consistent, “always appropriate” decision making.

“If only I had figured out the MEVPIV model earlier in my career, but I guess it took me 45 years to realise that, if you get this “set”, all the rest is easy! Having held director roles for 40 years (inc. publicly listed companies) I KNOW the single most powerful business management tool is a clear MEVPIV… set a great MEVPIV and your success is guaranteed!”

The MEVPIV forms the Conditions, the OSATTA is the Roadmap!

Regardless, once the MEVPIV is in place, then the OSATTA becomes easy to develop and to implement!

Marketing planning

The Objectives, the Strategies, the Actions that evolve to satisfy the strategies, the Tactics selected to implement the desired actions that will fulfil the strategies that meet the objectives become easy to select. From there, the Tasks necessary to implement the tactics are simply a shopping list, that simply are then monitored and Assessed.

At that point it’s only up to senior management to establish and undertake full assessment of operations with appropriate monitoring feedback and control mechanisms: Reporting these to leaders so that fine tuning and adjustments if necessary, can be made which again are a clear and easy function because of the clarity provided by the MEVPIV.

Claim a Bonus, additional OSATTA Executive Advisory Session worth over $5000

Claim an additional, custom-fitted strategic planning manual, designed to suit your particular organisation for years to come!

If you have ever been presented a plan that is incomplete, vague, lacking relevance, detail… or the other extreme, a massive document that no-one will ever read , let alone implement, then you know how hard it is to draft, but how valuable a genuinely useful strategic planning document can be..

This alone is a rare and advantageous executive transformation opportunity to set your organisation on track to achieve:

  • 100% accountability for even the biggest and most audacious goals
  • The end of secret agenda, office politics and destructive siloing of information
  • An efficient and valid process for generations of executives to follow
  • Pricing, product development, branding, advertising, selling account management and more tools to squeeze the highest return on business development possible while still providing excellence in people management and employee satisfaction.

There is every chance you and your organisation can be world shattering… with possession of the methods of building the right business strategy.

There is every chance you and your organisation can be world shattering… with possession of the methods of building the right business strategy.

You’ll end up with a new sense of self control, empowerment and pride in what you’ve achieved. I promise, you’ll never look back.

It’s time to innovate, and create a workplace that’s bursting with energy, positive attitude, determination to do a great job and increased loyalty and pride.

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