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Product Packaging Advice

Pack Design, Brand Image, Labelling and Packaging

Marketing Know-how Covering Brand Image Strategies, Rules & Disciplines for Pack Design, Labelling and Packaging New & Existing Products

New Product Pack Design & Packaging Advice

Marketing issues in labelling & packaging products: Product Packaging Advice

In FMCG, the 7th P of Marketing is Packaging because of the crucial importance of shelf ‘shout’ to impulse and convenience buying decisions. Packaging and brand design guidance, with understanding of consumer behaviour and psychological triggers can mean the difference between products walking off the shelf or collecting dust on the shelf.

It is so important to have a compete perspective on consumer behaviour… with it you can secure brand loyalty and cash-cow product portfolios BUT, without it, even the best product can fail: A top-line assessment of prelaunch prototype packaging by a Launch Engineering specialist can literally help make your launch the success it should be.

Expert advice on FMCG packaging – How to Package and label your brand

Research done in the early 90’s revealed that, in supermarket at least, up to 80% of purchasing decisions are made in store. Consequently, packaging is crucial to impulse decision buying.

The issue is… packaging is powerful! Used properly, it can jump-start your communication. If ignored, or done poorly, it is at best neutral, and at worst a deterrent, to understanding the product and achieving first-purchase conversion & ultimate brand adoption.

Interesting research recently defined the most effective product design factors as follows:

– “Natural package design for sincere brands”

– “Contrasting designs for exciting brands”

– “Delicate designs for competent brands”

– “Natural or delicate designs for sophisticated brands ” and

– “Contrasting or massive designs for rugged brands”

Other research, done around the same time, said that only 5% of people read the small print. (NB: Marketing experts will immediately identify the issue that certain segments may contain highly involved consumers who may ALL read the label.)

Are you making the right decision about packaging?

  • The right packaging decisions can make or break a brand… just ask industry leaders like Lever & Kitchen, Mars Inc, or Proctor & Gamble.
  • Are you using every psychological trigger possible to get the ‘right’ message to the ‘right’ target prospect?
  • Have you completely considered ramifications of the ‘total product’ (core, actual, augmented, & future) to meet consumer expectations?
  • Have you been ‘led’ by your designers down paths you really didn’t want to go?
  • Have you considered logistics, distribution channels and trade partners in your design?
  • Have your packaging manufacturing suppliers really extended themselves beyond expectations? Has every opportunity for competitive advantage totally been exhausted?

IMPORTANT: The “rules” vary between product type, product category, competitive positioning, category life-cycle, segments, target audience, etc… In other word, you really need an expert if you’re going to do it properly. Call or email to arrange a consultation & advice. Call 02 8011 4355 NOW.


Why Use a Marketing Expert for Packaging Decisions

Considerations in product packaging and labelling include:

  • Colours: The psychology of colour: Unless you studied it, you’re guessing!
  • Facings: One? Two? More? Are you aware of the factors that may work for, or against you?
  • Shape: Have you really considered all the issues?
  • Content: Volume, weight, space, accessories… are you aware of what could change your destiny?
  • Size: Size counts… but do you know how? Why? When?
  • Trade Units: The wrong decision could hurt profit, alter ranging or cause unnecessary deletion!

… and many other ways to build sustainable competitive advantage and brand equity. You get one chance…. don’t risk making a mistake, just to save a few pennies, call us for packaging strategy and marketing advice.

Call 02 8011 4355 NOW.


Fire-up Your Packaging: Use Packaging to Alter Shopper Buying Behaviour

The key elements of packaging are to keep your product A.F.L.A.M.E.

  • – ATTRACTION – Use impact, design for shelf presence, or shelf ‘shout’.
  • – FAMILIARITY – Ensure the consumer can recognise the brand in the packaging
  • – LURE – Is the consumer driven to try the product, does the package justify modifying the buying habits of the consumer and create a modified re-buy, overcoming a prior disposition to straight re-buy a competitive brand.
  • – ADVANTAGE – Will the use of the package advantage the consumer in some way that they will appreciate and consequently require? E.g. Squeeze tops on honey, ring pulls on cans, battery testers with batteries.
  • – MEANING – Does it give an impression or communicate the product benefits symbolically?
  • – EMPATHY – Is there involvement, an emotional link, or brand personality that touches attractive segments and prime target audience prospects?

Shoppers are described as adopting a ‘grazing’ mentality, and in this vague state shoppers are readily influenced by the “five ‘I’s”

  1. IMPACT: The shelf presence, shelf ‘shout’
  2. IDENTITY: The brand image and identity
  3. INVOLVEMENT: The emotional link, the brand personality, the empathy the consumer perceives the brand has for the consumer
  4. IMPRESSION: The implied benefits of the purchase decision
  5. IMPEL ability: The driving force that compels someone to modify his or her behaviour to buy the brand.

Applying the “five ‘I’s” to meet the needs of targeted segments is a sure way to maximize the benefits (and capitalize on the costs) of distribution, ensuring you get best possible sales even before your other promotional efforts take effect.

NB: If product sampling, it is as equally important that target prospects should experience the package as it is that they experience the contents.

Are You Sure Your Packaging and Labelling Strategy is World Class?

If you have read this far, you may want to talk with someone who can assist you to make your packaging produce more sales… Why not get started now… Just email us by clicking this button, or fill out this form and a consultant will get back to you ASAP. Remember, “Procrastination is the thief of time” and the sooner you act, the sooner you’ll achieve your goals!


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