Marketing Strategy Development

Let us guide you through the ultimate roadmap for building Marketing Strategy Development success. Leadership Empowerment ensures we address the critical pillars of successful strategy development including targeting market segments, positioning, promotional initiatives, evaluation and the ultimate marketing plan to get the results you need.

Business Management Consultants

Have you identified who your customers groups are and what their needs are? Articulating customer needs better than your competitors is an important element to successful marketing strategy development.

Targeting and positioning

Create your marketing strategy to address needs of your most profitable customers first. Does your product or service meet their needs? Can your customer clearly see the benefits of your product when engaging with you. We’ll help you achieve maximum results from your target audiences.

Promotional tactics

Deciding what promotional channel or tactic you will use to include in your strategy is paramount. It will depend on your budget and what the media consumption of your key target customers are. It may include advertising, social media, public relations, digital marketing, or better point of sale strategy and lead conversion. We’ll work through this together.

Monitoring and evaluating.

The days of not being clear what half of your marketing or advertising is successful have gone. What works and why will inform how you move forward and continue to grow Our strategy includes monitoring your success and metrics for evaluating it for maximum performance.

The Plan

Our consultants will guide you on drawing up a marketing strategy that sets out how you intend to execute that plan and evaluate its success. It will be a live working document and, if necessary, will allow you to pivot and respond quickly to changes in customer needs and attitudes in your industry and in the broader economic climate.