The truth about Influencers

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The truth about Influencers

I was recently asked is “influencer marketing” really worth the hype?

The truth is that, in professional buyer-behaviour analysis, “influencer marketing” is a recognition of multi-stage mass communication theory relating to group opinion leaders.

It is NOT a universally valid promotional tool, but CAN be very effective in the right conditions: Primarily in early-stage brand adoption targeting “early adopters” with “innovator” referrals…


As products/brands progress through their lifecycle, and subject to ever-changing needs, wants and behaviours of targeted segments, as well as competitive/ industry dynamics, the impact of influencers varies.

It is vital to ensure your influencer is highly credible, reliable, respected and revered by your target audience, or you’ll experience minimal benefit.

Stay mindful of the relevance of any influencer to your target segment.

Influence of an influencer also varies between B2B buying behaviour as opposed to B2C buying behaviour. High involvement buying decisions require more credible influencer credentials than low involvement buying decisions.


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