Tips When Looking for a Growth and Planning Business Consultant?

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Tips When Looking for a Growth and Planning Business Consultant?

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Tips When Looking for a Business Growth and Planning Consultant?

What is your real need? Do you need business growth? Do you want a business mentor who will identify your weaknesses and show you how to enjoy easy business growth by setting clever company strategy, seamless marketing strategy, the best process for new product launch, structured concept evaluation, and the path to perfect implementation strategy? Do you want a business advisor to be a wise and educated soundboard? Do you want a strategic consultant who will teach you the things you don’t already know? Do you want usable, well-thought-out business plans, company strategy, and planning, based on marketing strategy built from professional market research & surveys?

Are you looking for a highly experienced and qualified strategy expert to provide a brain dump of everything they know so that you can cherry-pick the best bits and apply them to your business?

Business Consulting Horses for Business Consulting Courses!

Are you wary of someone purporting to be a business consultant who might be good at some things but not good at others?

For example, a business consultant who was once an accountant is going to be focused on cost control finance, compliance, etc. Then there is the business consultant who was once an advertising person and may very well be focused on your marketing communications, your logo, your letterhead, your website, etc.

Or there could be business consultants that focus on only one area where they have niche knowledge… an ex-I.T. specialist may very well throw themselves at your web, your CRM, email communication and database management, your computer systems and automation characteristics, being used or potentially that can be used, in your business.

It is important to figure out what it is that you actually need when you say if you want a business consultant… Particularly if you feel like you need all of the above! And regardless of the type of business consultant you choose, you won’t get great output unless you give them clarity over your expectations and desires.

How to Create the Best Business Consulting Outcomes

The issue is around prioritizing… And that sometimes can be higher than we think. But it can also be much easier than you imagine!

Once you have a clear MEVPIV, that is a mission statement, ethos statement, vision statement, purpose statement, identity or intent statement and values array, then it becomes really easy to work out your priorities, identify the most important issues, address the key problems that you are facing and recognize key opportunities that are within your reach.

A Business Consultant Needs YOU to Express YOUR needs and wants

mission statement for businesses

There’s only one problem… you need to really think about getting your MEVPIV right!

If you write one that sounds like people want to hear, that doesn’t really express what you want, you won’t be dedicated to it, and it won’t work. If you write one and let everybody else modify and fiddle with it, change the words, massage it in some way, shape or form, you water it down and make it less impactful, ultimately less motivating and inspiring. If you make it too long, too verbose, too detailed, too instructional, then you will dilute its impact, its memorability and its salience to your needs and won’t work.

So, it’s a tricky process… The solution of course is to have someone facilitate the development of your MEVPIV so that you mould and shape the perfect motivational, inspirational, directional, and clear set of strategic guidelines that you can possibly build… so that everyone in your organisation, including you and your business consultant, are on the same page, with the same focus, and the same drivers.

If you’d like to know how to best develop a MEVPIV or if you’d like to commission a facilitator to lead the project of developing a MEVPIV for you, contact us and we will give you the easy path to a knockout MEVPIV that will really help you and your organization.

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