Sales & Marketing at Odds?

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Sales & Marketing at Odds?

Don't Get Stuck in the Problem: Invest in Workplace Culture

The Fast Fix for Silos Between Sales and Marketing

In some companies, there is a combative, disconnect between “marketing” and “sales” departments.

Given its importance, there is surprisingly little commentary about how crucial it is for sales and marketing to see each other as connected as co-reliant departments. (See, but the problem is…

“How do you make sales and marketing align and engage and cooperative?”

The answer is fundamental to all human behaviour… Understanding purpose.

From the best business experts of the 20th Century (W. Edwards Deming, Peter Drucker, Jack Welch) to the new wave of social media thought leaders (Simon Sinek, Jay Shetty and Gary V. etc.) the message is consistent… Teamwork, “culture”, high morale, employee engagement, are all available to a leader by simply creating a common purpose.

Sales and marketing clearly possess a shared goal, in increasing productivity necessary to the prosperity of everyone, throughout your organization

Setting up and applying the “why” so that it works… requires the development and religious (if not fanatical) commitment to your MEVPIV (Mission, Ethos, Vision, Purpose, Identity, and Values) statements…

mission statement for businesses

Religiously (if not fanatically) introducing, supporting and nurturing your organization’s MEVPIV delivers that shared goal.

Once you introduce a realistic and meaningful MEVPIV, the rest is easy. All of a sudden sales and marketing share the pursuit of that “light at the end of the tunnel”. Not only that distribution, engineering, finance, IT, HR, production, etc. also share that common goal!

When you introduce your MEVPIV to your organization (if it’s a MEVPIV that your organization can embrace) you have already won the war. When your MEVPIV is accepted, you open the door for PEERSMART organizational planning.

Facilitate Smarter Creative Problem-Solving in the Workplace

All of the sudden objectives become clear. Strategies appear that can be exercised by the whole organisation; integrated throughout your whole team. The tactics chosen are tactics that work for everybody. The tasks become clear and easily identifiable. Even the means of monitoring and assessment of what you are doing and what you’ve done become obvious. Not only are short-term objectives valid but long-term strategic perspectives are respected as well.

Ultimate output of a great MEVPIV is corporate organisational immortality and optimum productivity. So, when you think about pulling down the silos between sales and marketing, don’t limit yourself to microeconomic thinking. Embrace and visualise the macroeconomic possibilities so you see the whole forest not just the wood for the trees.

And, if you’d like some, help, or to discuss how you can build and utilize your own new, invigorating MEVPIV click this button and talk to an experienced consultant who can help you on your path more easily and faster than you think.

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