Improve Operational Efficiency & Increase Productivity

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Improve Operational Efficiency & Increase Productivity

You'll see a massive improvement in productivity

IF you genuinely want to increase productivity and deliver operational efficiency in the workplace, FAST, then this is it!

Undertaking an overhaul of your mission and vision statement has rapid, multiple benefits; done properly.

The moment you start, you engage the unengaged – you give hope for a better future, more job satisfaction, a medium for hidden problems and grievances to be aired in a positive way.

You also identify disengaged workers… those who want to undermine authority, disturb productivity and interfere with operations.

Most importantly you enforce employee alignment, you inspire new and deeper engagement, and you build a firm foundation for higher levels of employee engagement than you ever imagined.

And when you do, those you engage deliver improved productivity that research has identified to be in the vicinity of 202%.

Reduced Absenteeism and “Mondayitis”

To improve business performance, you have to find ways to improve employee morale. You do that by making the workplace more inducive to positive work relations, you deliver ownership and involvement, a sense of purpose and belonging, with ownership in what employees do and their worth to the business. You do that by driving natural desire to do be productive, with aspirations for organisational efficiency and a will to improve company operations.

The strategies to increase productivity in the workplace are there… you just have to draw them out. Leaders who passionately, if not fanatically, support and endorse their organisations’ mission, vision purpose values identity and ethos have the greatest employee engagement and set high standards of operational efficiency & increased productivity.

Leadership Empowerment works with leaders to develop programs for engaging employees with mission and vision. Combining the behavioural science behind marketing communications, tools of qualitative and quantitative market research, and commercial strategic disciplines for corporate governance ensures leaders are able to sculpt winning strategic management guidelines that captivate the spirit, emotion, physics and intellect to capture operational efficiency and drive optimal productivity.

To improve business performance

To improve business performance, you have to find ways to improve employee engagement… Leaders should do everything in their power to help employees derive a sense of pride in their workplace, their role and their employer.

If you don’t set values in place… you’re leaving people to misinterpretation of what is expected of them and how YOU respect them! If you don’t nominate integrity, honesty, fairness, etc., are you saying you “assume” these to be the case or are you saying they aren’t important enough for you to address?

A sound set of corporate guidelines is the MANDATORY precursor to employee engagement that delivers improved productivity and business efficiency, higher customer satisfaction and optimal ROSF (return on shareholders’ funds).

MEVPIV for good governance

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