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Pre-Launch Check

Extensive pre launch check to make sur eyoru product launch will succeed

Check Product Launch Plans

When You Launch a Product, be ABSOLUTELY SURE That It will Succeed


Before you launch a new product, YOU CAN CHECK you have a perfect product launch plan!

Be 100% Confident of Product Launch Success

pre-launch check ensures you haven’t overlooked crucial factors that may undo all the good work you’ve done in preparing to launch your product (or service).

Do a pre-launch check helps you maximise the success of your product launch and avoid unnecessary surprises.

Most important, for you, is the peace of mind and product launch assurance that all will go as planned!

How To Check a Product Launch BEFORE you launch!

It is said that, “Launching a product is the most expensive way to do product launch market research”.

It is MUCH easier (less embarrassing), and inexpensive to have your launch ideas validated and verified using a quick, accurate and low-cost, proven set of measures and calculations that applies 120 variables and university researched values to allocate a score and identify any potential shortcomings.

If you get <55 your product WILL fail, if you score >75 your product launch WILL succeed… but what’s extra special about this assessment is you salvage a report on the weaknesses in your plan, that gives you insight into how to fix them.

Investors and lenders find this valuable for making their investment decisions, and CEO’s find peace of mind, knowing you & your team have done everything possible to achieve your product launch goals.

Decades of study and analysis into what ensures a successful product launch, by business schools and corporations around the world, together with the numerous and diverse product launch successes of the leading edge strategy consultants at Launch Engineering, combine to ensure you are utilising every avenue for successfully launching new products.

Launch Engineering has developed global findings and unique computer analysis that actually predicts the outcome of your product launch, based on your existing plan, AND identifies the key factors you could modify to improve your launch.

SPECIAL OFFER: Rank over 79 points and Launch Engineering can waive 75% of fees in exchange for equity in the brand or business being launched, if you want our help with implementation.


A New-Product Launch-Check helps you launch a product

How The Pre-Launch Check Works

Research has found there are 110 factors that effect the outcome of a product launch. Launch Engineering has identified 10 key factors that we have discovered are necessary to improve predictability.

The 110 academic product launch factors all have a ‘value’ that is the level of importance each factor has to the whole outcome.

The 10 LE product launch factors all measure modern strategic, commercial ‘rules’ according to variables we keep to ourselves, that are vital in getting the implementation ‘right’.

We ask a lot of questions of management. We review the research that management has based its decision upon. We enter an ‘attribute assessment’ for each of the 120 factors. The assessment is multiplied against its ‘value rating’. A total factor ‘score’ evolves that gives a true evaluation of the potency for success of the intended launch. A by-product of the report is identification of weaknesses in the plan, so you can fix them!

7 reasons to insist on a pre-launch check

As a careful, and professional executive, you’ll opt for this check because:

  1. You want to be genuinely sure the plan will work.
  2. You can use it as a tool to raise investor funds and lender confidence,
  3. You’ll be able to recruit support and distribution from trade channel partners.
  4. You’ll identify opportunities for alternative decisions.
  5. You can extract ideas to launch more successfully.
  6. You have a safety net to stop faulty investment in a product that just will not ‘fly’.
  7. You’d prefer added confidence to reduce worry and eliminate sleepless nights.
Used since 2004, for over a decade, this pre-launch check of product launch plans has never been wrong.

We charge individually for a check… which includes on-site interviews with management, audit and review of input, stringent internal measures and a comprehensive report.

The analysis works across all sectors, regardless of the size or resources of the organisation launching the product … larger companies fair better than smaller ones because they are more disciplined in amending their plans according to the findings. (Smaller businesses sometimes bend to emotional and irrational ‘feelings’ of CEO’s who underestimate the accuracy of this process.)

Check your new product launch before its too late…

…when you’re standing in front of your boss, and your failed product launch means people will lose their jobs just so the company can survive…

The Launch Engineering pre-launch check for new product launch is reliable and proven. It shows you if you’re bound for glory, or disaster, and how to make sure that the product launch you are about to bet your career upon, can be improved.

Don’t save pennies and lose thousands…contact us now to organise a FULL pre-launch check and a crack team of experts will work tirelessly to fine-tune and safety-check your launch plans…

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