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Marketing Planning Tool

  • Build a Professional Marketing Plan that sets the Standard for your Business

    A comprehensive, properly prepared marketing plan will give your business focus, direction, engagement and efficiencies to optimise capabilities. A proper marketing plan not only identifies growth opportunities, it lays out the step-by-step process of turning those opportunities into reality. A professional marketing plan turns business expectations from possible to probable.

    A marketing plan helps you optimise your expenditure on advertising, promotions or other sales and marketing costs. Drafting a marketing plan ensures you are selling the right products or services to the right people in the right place at the right price and at the right time: Which is why this Marketing Planning Workbook is SUCH a valuable tool – providing you with the building blocks you need to set the best strategic course for your organisation.

    Step 1 – Download and Peruse this extraordinary Marketing Planning Tool – an Excel Workbook (30+ worksheets)

    This MS Excel workbook contains over 30 worksheets that, once completed, from the information for you to isolate key issues and identify key opportunities, so as to compile your Marketing Plan.

    Step 2 – Peruse the accompanying Marketing Plan example (PDF) that comes free with the download.

    For small business, this is an overkill formal document, but does demonstrate how ‘deep the hole goes’.  Borrow whatever content and layout you can use… the authors used multiple sources themselves in the preparation of this document.

    Step 3 – As you work through each of the workbook’s worksheets, completing all sections, it will become glaringly apparent what a powerful marketing tool you have uncovered.

    Keep the sample marketing plan by your side for handy reference as you set about the step-by-step process of building a plan that is specific to your business.

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