Helpful Web Pages for Marketers & Business Executives

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Helpful Web Pages for Marketers & Business Executives

Marketing Planning and strategy
  • Helpful Web Pages for Marketers & Business Executives

    Building a Marketing Team

    This book explains empowering, insightful models, which open up opportunity for sustainable competitive advantage, such as:

    1. The “Hierarchies’ of Marketing” and how different skills, suitable for one marketing role, can be completely inappropriate for another marketing role… In fact, it shows a great case of how marketing career progression has been actually undermining the profession for 40 years! It is a MUST-READ for any senior executive in business!
    2. The true meaning of “Marketing” and how years of sales-focussed self-interest from unqualified snake-oil self-promoters has totally eroded the craft of Marketing as a profession.
    3. Models for setting winning strategy and creating breakthrough businesses growth, along with killer-culture and potent stakeholder alignment.

    If you only read one business book on Marketing, THIS should be the one you read!

    Australian government R&D (Research and Development) rebates

    Launch Engineering has introduced client to hundreds of thousands of dollars in R&D rebates from the government. Call us and we’ll have our specialist consultants organise your rebate ASAP.

    It is surprising how many businesses are unaware of the grants and other sources of funds available from the Government. Ask for an obligation-free chat with our specialist consultant.

    Federal Government Site Offering Advice to Business In Australia home page

    Ready to start? Here’s information on starting a new business, a home-based business and buying a business or franchise. Be warned though, their marketing plan template is kindergarten stuff šŸ™

    B2B Listings & Directories

    B2B CompaniesĀ Check this site out & add YOUR business if you want some extra exposure.

    Comprehensive Marketing Planning Kit

    A Marketing Plan template has pretty limited utility, but using a Marketing Planning Workbook, along side a sensible template AND an example of a professionally drafted plan, and you’ve got something that is genuinely helpful!

    UseĀ thisĀ marketing planningĀ workbookĀ to write a helpful and meaningful marketing plan… MUCH more helpful than a marketing plan template.

    State Government Sites Offering Advice to Business In Australia

    Start a business in NSW

    Department of State and Regional Development Website, NSW Small Business – The New South Wales Government information website

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