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Business Sales Forecasting Consultant

Market research & strategic planning
Forecasting Sales

One of the great frustrations for us as consultants is the fact we are too rarely asked to forecast sales and business outcomes.

We have the sales forecasting methods, knowledge, tools and abilities to accurately forecast business opportunities.

From simple product launches to new corporate ventures, we can definitively confirm sales likelihood, quantitatively forecasting the sales opportunity and therefore the commercial prudence or risk, in a corporate takeover, acquisition and merger…. or a new product launch into an unknown market place.

Our decision-making methodology and probability calculations are equal to the best in the world, with some additional [proprietary] algorithms that have made a discrete few millions in revenue. Some executives who were cynical to the accuracy and the potency of these skills, have swallowed their pride and acknowledged the accuracy of our sales forecasting in the wake of our successful sales forecasts.

What is Sales Forecasting?

Forecasting sales starts with estimating market demand then applying a whole level of filters to determine an accurate and reliable picture of the true sales you will generate, in a specific period of time, dependent and responsive to the marketing effort and marketing ability you engage in bringing your product to actual purchase.

Why is forecasting important in business

Forecasting sales is critical to success. Get it wrong and you are left with too much stock, or really angry customers who are annoyed you don’t have enough stock. Getting a sales forecast wrong means you may not have enough working capital, staff, raw materials, packaging, labels, delivery trucks, sales support staff, telephone lines, etc.

Forecasting is essential for business planning and policy. For instance, if you know you have too little working capital, it may change your pricing policy, or your payments terms, the customers you want to sell to, or how you buy, the staff you employ, and the components you resource.

If YOU see the merit in knowing, rather than hoping, and the value in in accurate sales forecast to PLAN, or confirm, a HIGH probability of achievement, then we’d love for you to CONTACT US.

Scenario Demand Planning

Using advanced marketing analytics and models, you can assess the contingencies of changing budgets, varying promotional mix options, increasing media weight, and a vast array of alternative marketing strategies.

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