Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Social Media Marketing Strategy

Business Media Hits

The True Impact of Social Media Marketing On Your Business

Strategy Consultants, Offering You the Unbiased Truth (not what Social Media Marketing Agencies) want you to believe)

Does YOUR Business Need Social Media Marketing?

Some businesses can thrive with just a meagre effort in Social Media Marketing (SMM). Others can even waste time, money and effort and get very little traction.

On the other hand, some businesses could really do very well, but are hesitant to invest enough to create the explosive results SMM can deliver, just because they’re unsure of the potential returns.

Knowing the difference is why you need to talk to qualified, experts in Marketing Promotions, media management, buyer behaviour and marketing strategy.

The team at Launch Engineering understand the factors that are relevant to making these decisions, and – unbiased by any incentive to direct you towards SMM – will empower you with our expert opinion and advice you can trust so you can make decisions accordingly.

Integrate Social Media Marketing Across Your Organisation

Once you’ve identified the right Social Media Marketing strategy, you’ll find many social media marketing enthusiasts applying off-the-shelf media tactics regardless of your social media marketing needs.

Often, nothing could be poorer in utilising the potential marketing advantage of social media marketing… as it performs best when allowed to be tailor-made and seamlessly integrated with your marketing mix for every target segment.

Reasons to use Social Media in Your Digital Marketing Communications Activities

Realistically, you can use social media marketing tactics to:

  • Increase automated leads &sales 24/7
  • Attract highly-targeted prospects looking for you!
  • Enhance your position as the most sought out leader in your industry
  • Create a vibrant community of raving fans who happily spread the word about you, your products and services
  • Protect you from negative attacks on your Company and/or your brands/s.
If you have found yourself slow to adopt SMM and need to successfully leap frog to the front of the SMM pack in your industry, click this button to email, dial 02 8011 4355 to call, or fill out the webmail form, below.


Social Media Marketing Consulting In Context With All Marketing Activity

Social Media Marketing Advice, Management and Marketing Plans

Create clarity and function in your social media marketing. Develop appropriate plans and outline exactly what social media, how to measure social media success, the required resources and tools, and a means of evaluating and measuring progress and ROI.

You can call upon us to contribute hard implementation, or simply to generate ideas likely to activate a fan base and turn customers into ambassadors.

Solve all your social media marketing down… from strategy to implementation.

Coordinate Social Media Strategy with traditional communications strategy to meet target audience needs, wants and behaviours.

  • Build a culture that empowers social media
  • Activate your customers and employees
  • Listen and respond to real-time opportunities
  • Manage a social media crisis
  • Effectively measure social media, including ROI

Implement an action program based on solid forecasts, balancing the ‘right’ amount of marketing effort with magnetic positioning.

  • How to build a culture that empowers social
  • How to activate your customers and employees
  • How to listen and respond to real-time opportunities
  • How to manage a social media crisis
  • How to effectively measure social media, including ROI

Feedback, Monitoring & Control to ‘keep on track’.

The discipline part – this is what makes a marketing plan succeed – strong management in implementation: Ensuring budgets are meet or gently exceeded, and contingencies are dealt with to avoid failure.

Online Reputation Management.

Management of your online reputation, Controlling negative information on the web, integrated marketing communication through the whole online and traditional marketing communications process and promotional mix,

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