Snuffing out Workplace Bullying

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Snuffing out Workplace Bullying

Snuffing out workplace bullying is a complex and varying activity. While sometimes it comes down to difficult personalities, it can often be a result of motivation, frustration, or basic disengaged employees who just want to “sink the ship”

Workplace Bullying Due to Unengaged or Disengaged Employees

Gallup tells us 60+% of employees are unengaged: 50% of them due to their boss, 34% because they don’t know or understand their employer’s mission & vision!

(It is estimated that engaging an employing almost instantaneously improve their productivity by 202%.)

The 50% of employees that don’t like their boss do so for a number of reasons such a being micro-managed, constant under-appreciation or disapproval of their efforts, lack of decisiveness, etc. that comes from not having a clear vision and mission, purpose and values.

Workplace Bullying Scenarios

Workplace bullying can come from:

  • Supervisors bullying subordinates
  • Peers bullying peers
  • Bullies in one business unit bullying staff in another business unit
  • Departments that are MEANT to be working together than are intolerant or critical of each other.

How to Fix Workplace Bullying and Stimulate Staff Productivity Fast

When employees know and understand their employer’s mission & vision, all of a sudden, great things happen.

  • Subordinates suddenly start making intuitive decisions and displaying great initiative
  • Interdepartmental cooperation soars
  • Staff start to appreciate each other’s work performance more positively
  • Supervisors begin to decrease their micromanagement supervision
  • “Monday-itis”, backstabbing, secret agenda and silos all decrease
  • Morale and duration of employment increase

To minimise workplace bullying and stimulate staff productivity, engage employees and improve morale, improve interpersonal relationships and team synergy, all organisations should develop and reinforce their mission, vision, purpose and values statement.

How Do You Build a Great Mission & Vision Statement?

Leadership Development has a quick, effective and practical process for delivering mission statements, vision statements, purpose statements and values statements.

Leaders not only vibrantly get to sculpt inspiring and effective guidelines, but they can also opt to enjoy the benefits of concisely scripted implementation planning with management and controls to ensure the results are optimised.

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