Below are a selection of marketing services that many organisations use to improve marketing results and generate more profit.

As we compile helpful ‘bits and pieces’ into PDF they will be placed on this site, so check it regularly.

To take your own appendix out unless you were an experienced and qualified surgeon, would be crazy!  Why then, do people entrust their business to practical experience and common sense without consulting trained marketing specialists?

Just as an engineer learns the science behind building bridges, so does a marketing qualified executive learn to build markets… so try us and see what we can bring to you in terms of better business foundations.

Free Stuff

LE Marketing Briefing Form.pdf

If you’re about to appoint a research, advertising, promotions or PR agency.

    Tradeshow Check List.pdf

When you are stressing over an upcoming trade show stand, exhibition or similar event.

    Why use LE (PDF)

A quick introduction to what LE does and whether or not you should commission them to assist you.

    LE Risk Capability.pdf

All you need to know about working with LE

 LE Competitive Analysis.pdf

Competitive Assessment – Research that evaluates, positions, and benchmarks direct competitors, often in terms of a comprehensive SWOT analysis, but can be moulded to meet clients’ special needs.

    Setting Mission and Vision.pdf

What is a Mission Statement’s function, and what are the guidelines is setting objectives.

    Marketing Audit Checklist.pdf

A 7-point marketing ‘tune-up’, including the different styles of marketing audit.

    Why ad frequency works.pdf

A public domain reminder of why frequency of advertising works in conjunction with reach to establish awareness, then interest, then desire, and then action.

    LE Deficiency Analysis.pdf

Deficiency Analysis – Why is your ‘Rising Star’ a ‘Problem Child’. If you have a troubled division that is just not performing like the rest of your organisation, the best move forward it to commission a Deficiency Analysis.

Launch Engineering’s discrete deficiency analysis will almost certainly uncover hidden inefficiencies. 

Free Marketing Management, Business Guides & Marketing Tools

FREE Marketing Tips & Useful Marketing Downloads

VERY DIFFERENT levels of marketing activity exist.

ADMINISTRATIVE Marketing includes management of collateral, buying distressed advertising space, liaising with the production team at an ad agency, organising a trade show… vitally important responsibilities, while further up the Hierarchies of Marketing are Operational, Managerial and Strategic Marketing roles.

The FREE TIPS and downloads on this page are likely to appeal to ADMINISTRATIVE marketers, while the content on other pages will be inspirational, enlightening and motivating for Operational, Managerial and Strategic marketers.

So browse as much as you want, and feel free to give us feedback. There is no limit to the number of downloads and you do not have to ‘register’ or provide your email address.

Want ADVANCED tools?

Advanced marketing strategy does NOT come on a 1-page PDF that you download for free. The tips, tools and insight that will secure you sustained competitive advantage are more complex, valuable & expensive. This page covers the needs of those surfing for basic titbits of help, who do NOT have a budget for advanced consulting & cutting edge commercial methods…

If you are interested in more advanced ways to adopt, and apply, proven, advanced, “white-hat” strategic management methods THAT WORK, or simply help your team find clarity for their decision-making; tap into the knowledge bank of proven marketing management know-how of corporations and business schools from around the world: Click this button to email, dial 02 8011 4355 to call, or fill out the webmail form, below.


Useful Administrative Marketing Forms, Lists & Worksheets

LE Marketing Briefing Form (PDF)

Helps optimise the performance of your research, advertising, promotions or PR agency.

Tradeshow Check List (PDF)

Helpful in preparing for an upcoming trade show stand, exhibition or similar event.

82 Marketing Plan Headings (PDF)

A random collection of Marketing Plan Headings as “food for thought” for marketing planning.

Marketing Management Tools & Tips

Reis & Trout 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing (PDF)

For over 18 years these rules have guided executive marketing management.

Setting Mission and Vision (PDF)

What a Mission Statement’s function is, and what are the guidelines is setting objectives.

How much should an organisation spend on market research? (PDF)

How much companies should spend on market research.

New Brand Check List (PDF)

A simple overview of anticipated issues to think about when considering a new brand.

New Product Innovation & Launching Strategies (PDF)

Crucial marketing science regarding product launch of innovations.

Marketing & Launching an Innovation (PDF)

Understanding the type of innovation reveals the factors that needs to be addressed to launch properly.

Operational Marketing Tools & Tips

5 “I’s” of Packaging (PDF)

Over 50% of the end product price is made up of freight and packaging. Is yours optimised?

LE Secret Shopper (PDF)

Customer experiences quality management is just as important, sometimes MORE important, than product quality management.

Why ad frequency works (PDF)

A public domain reminder of why frequency of advertising works in conjunction with reach to establish awareness, then interest, then desire, and then action.

LE New Product Development Steps (PDF)

A top-line glance at new product development process.

LE Competitive Analysis (PDF)

Competitive Assessment – Research that evaluates, exposes and benchmarks direct competitors, moulded to meet clients’ special needs.

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