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Programmatic Marketing

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Programmatic Marketing: Automation used to Manage Operational Marketing Communications

Understanding “Programmatic Marketing”

Described as the future of digital advertising, Programmatic Marketing isn’t true Marketing, it is (at best) automated Digital Marketing COMMUNICATIONS Management.

Simply explained, it is using automation to undertake the bidding process for online advertising. The official definition runs something like… “Programmatic marketing is automated bidding on online advertising, in real time, to win the opportunity to show an ad to a specific customer, in a specific context.”

Why is there so much Hype about Programmatic Marketing?

These days, when Google moves its lips, the world listens. So, in order to provide better advertising effectiveness using the Google medium, (and make even MORE money as a by-product, and therefore, their Marketing motive) Google is pressing the Community to adopt Programmatic Marketing… which really SHOULD have been better called, “Programmatic Advertising Media Buying”.

It promises to make advertising more effective and efficient… removing “human error” and has the potential save (make) millions!

Programmatic Marketing is Inevitable

Promoters of Programmatic Marketing claim, by 2018, that 95% of digital marketing will be automated by software.

While Programmatic Advertising, the automation of the buying and selling of desktop display, video, FBX, and mobile ads using real-time bidding, is already a reality, the hole goes a LOT deeper! And the technological know-how is ALREADY with us!

However, It is the skill-set of managerial and strategic marketers that lumbers, confused and bewildered, by the speed of innovation in on-line, that retards the true adoption of Programmatic Marketing. Why? Because the ‘techies’ that know HOW to do it, don’t know HOW to market it.

Ironically, the Programmatic Industry is actually choking itself off from growth because it doesn’t understand the Definition of Marketing, particularly when is comes to Type II Innovation.

If you are an innovator, wanting to pioneer Programmatic Marketing into your organisation…
If you are an Programmatic service provider wanting to propagate Programmatic Marketing, across the business world…

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