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Consumer Marketing

Improve Performance Advanced Understanding of Consumer Behaviour

Knowing how consumers behave while searching for, purchasing using, and evaluating products, services and ideas they expect, means you can better satisfy their needs with potent and effective marketing strategies.

Trained to understand how consumers make choices, we delve into your target audience. Using advanced methods of analysing Consumer buying behaviour, we help you build and maintain strong customer loyalty & brand equity.

The ability to accurately predict consumer behaviour, means you can develop effective strategies to achieve desirable sales, profit and brand equity outcomes.

Advantages of Using Consumer Behaviour Marketing Science

Insights for Buyer Decision-Making

Knowledge of Consumer Behaviour and business to consumer marketing provides efficient, and optimal marketing campaign strategies.

Application of consumer behaviour analysis to marketing has an undisputable history of consumer marketing achievement… from FMCG marketing, through promotion of telecommunications, in advertising, PR (public relations), innovation on sales promotions to high-return direct marketing, maximising sales AND profits.

Profitable Marketing campaign strategies come from making the ‘right decisions. By using of the findings of decades of study into what works in Marketing, your Market research is better interpreted, your advertising dollars are best used, marketing briefs are succinct and productive, and your Marketing Strategies deliver outstanding results.

Consumer Product “Classification”

Different product ‘classes’ require different marketing mixes.

One example of marketing knowledge and methodology, is Product Classification. Knowing the ‘rules’, according to ‘class’, means you always make the right decisions… so its just ‘natural’ to end up with winning marketing campaign strategies. Whether your products are convenience, shopping, specialty or unsought goods effects distribution strategy, marketing communications choices, pricing decisions, positioning strategies, sales methods, and MUCH more!

Buyer Readiness

The use of “Buyer Readiness” analysis ensures you deliver the right type of message when you advertise.

This ensures your return on investment for advertising is maximised, and helps with everything from market research projects, to managing ad agencies, to setting marketing media and promotional budgets.

Better B2C Marketing

For a ‘taster’ of some of the many marketing models we call upon to create sustainable competitive advantage for clients, CLICK HERE.

Be productive, improve your branding, squeeze more from your marketing communications, make better strategic decisions, inspire and invigorate trade partners.

Give Your Marketing an Efficiency Overhaul

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