Business Strategy in Corona Covid 19 world

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Business Strategy in Corona Covid 19 world

How to tell a good idea from a bad one

Only poor operational management is overwhelmed by the new world created by the Corona Covid-19 pandemic.

Objectively, a strategically-based management team looks at this from an objective perspective.

The simple issue is, “There has been a shift in buying behaviour, therefore we need to review our Marketing Mix.”

LVMH announced it is converting three of its perfume manufacturing facilities, where it normally makes fragrances for Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, in order to make hand sanitizer: That is good marketing!

Someone asked, “How will Disney cope with Covid-19?” If they’re sensible, they’ll promote online sales, broadcasts of the library of movies and TV assets, while taking the opportunity to renovate theme parks and live venues while crowds are not in the way: What a great way to guarantee record attendance when Coronavirus dissipates!

There is blue-ocean opportunity everywhere!

Small cleaning businesses can now develop c-virus cleaning teams. Shopping centres, restaurants, bars and gyms can differentiate themselves and attract market share by promoting a c-virus hygiene level within their venues.

Home delivery of anything will boom! So with courier services – especially those that promote c-virus hygiene responsibility.

Personal trainers should be pitching home-delivered services,

FMCG cleaning products should be featured on supermarket gondola ends.

DIY & Home renovation stores should be enticing customers to buy online or in hyper-clean stores with hyper-clean shopping trolleys.

Conference and tradeshow organiser should be converting their events to online summits and webinars

Doom and Gloom – for Losers and Worry Warts?

Fear is a powerful tool. It can be bad, but also a tool for good. HOW businesses respond to the change brought about by the shut down of traditional satisfaction of needs and wants will demonstrate the competency of their leadership.

However, opportunity abounds for those that are disciplined and empowered with vision and a little common sense.

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