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Best Marketing in the World

Leaders MUST underatnd teh correct definition of Marketing
Marketing to increase market demand
Best Marketing means best P&L results and optimal Marketing ROI By really knowing what marketing is, from the marketing concept through to marketing accountability, the marketing process becomes measurable, accountable, effective and delivers corporate strategies with maximum ROI. Marketing goals are achieved, brand positioning, market positioning and marketing effectiveness are all optimised and a marketing department is engaged and aligned to deliver integrated marketing management that continually satisfies market demand.

Optimisation of Your Marketing Mix

As business marketing consultants specialising in marketing mix optimisation, we’re able to help you identify and utilise the best marketing strategy, marketing processes, brand positioning, market positioning and brand building for marketing effectiveness, measured by MROI (Return on Investment from Marketing).

If you want to improve, or fine-tune your marketing strategy and methods, and tap into the knowledge bank of business-schools around the world like big corporations do, click this button to email, dial 02 8011 4355 to call, or fill out the webmail form, below.


8 Steps to Best Marketing Practices

Integrated marketing (based on coordinated, planned strategy, not spontaneous, uncoordinated ideas) evolves out of discipline and training. Some of the steps include:

  1. Define the Win/Win Business Opportunity – SWOT & Critical assessment of any contingencies, Consider Macro/micro issues, PESTLE, Industry, Competitive and market forces.
  2. Develop the Plan – Minimize assumptions validate data identify sensitivities
  3. Assemble organise, collate and evaluate data
  4. Analyse & interpret data
  5. Identify & Summarize key findings & Issues
  6. Develop treatment, implementation and action program
  7. Review the Analysis & Action Steps with the Decision Maker Review purpose, approach, conclusions & tactics for implementation
  8. Refine and distribute action program with monitoring feedback & control mechanisms and checklist.
Better marketing strategies

Better marketing strategies (management of the marketing mix for maximum marketing effectiveness and optimal marketing ROI) come from disciplined application of the marketing concept, making sure marketing processes are integrated and market positioning and brand building are focused on market demand.

Better marketing productivity

Even the best executives can get ‘rusty’ on the marketing science they learned when they studied business at Uni. Why not ask us to refresh your memory as we search out market efficiencies for you to implement? CALL 02 8011 4355 NOW!

Net Marketing Contribution (NMC)
Measuring Marketing Productivity

Recognising Net Marketing Contribution as a measure of marketing profitability, you can identify Marketing Productivity (NMC/Marketing Budget) and individual efficiencies by segment, channel, etc.

Net Marketing Contribution analysis [Demand x Share x (Revenue per customer – Variable Cost per customer) – Marketing Spend] and reporting can help identify corporate opportunities & threats, and reveal internal strengths & weaknesses. Multiple advantages of NMC analysis include identifying clear paths to potent business management decisions.

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