Privacy Policy


Principle 1 — Open and transparent management of information

1.1 Manage personal information in an ethical, professional and appropriate manner.

Compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles.

1.2 Take all reasonable steps to implement practices, procedures and systems to:

  1. Comply with the Australian Privacy Principles; and
  2. Deal with inquiries or complaints about compliance with Privacy.

1.3 Ensure our Privacy protection extends to:

  1. Only holding any information that we perceive ethical and reasonable;
  2. Collection and holding information securely;
  3. Only holding information that benefits potential clients;
  4. Inviting any individual who feels we have not acted appropriately and professionally to complain to enforcement agencies of Australian Privacy Principles, to arbitrate regarding any such a      complaint;
  5. Not disclosing information to overseas or unauthorised recipients;

Privacy Principle 2 — Management of information

2.1 Launch Engineering treats all information shared in discussions, strictly confidential. Sensitive information is kept completely secure, from any parties outside the management team and consultants working on the client’s business. Preliminary inquirers enjoy the same strict respect for their confidentiality as our paying clients and no parties will be privy to any conversations without the consent of the principals concerned.

2.2  Release of any information will only occur where:

  1. Such release is in the best interests of the affected party
  2. Where we are legally obliged to do so.