Leadership creates context for people to engage.
"It's all about people." - Jack Welch

The Leader’s Role in Engagement

Leaders improve engagement by defining and communicating a powerful vision for the organisation. They develop teams that are emotionally invested in the mission and vision;  giving them the resources they need... They empower management.

The Manager’s Role in Engagement

Empower Employees: Prioritise Engagement

The Manager’s Role in Engagement is to ensure they acquire and develop great talent: Appointing the right people, balancing the talent pool, to actively promote that "killer culture" to succour engagement. 

They support initiative and effort that accurately aligns with the mission narrative laid down by leadership.

5 Powerful Steps to Improve Employee Engagement

How do managers measure their people's engagement? 

Their team:

• Knows what is expected of them.

• Has the resources and training to fulfil their performance responsibilities.

• Is given every opportunity to do their best – every day.

• Is frequently recognised, praised and mentored.

• Trusts their manager to have their best interests at heart.

• Is heard and valued.

• Clearly understand their mission and purpose and how they contribute.

• Have opportunities to learn and develop personally and professionally.

Happy employees are engaged employees and productive employees

Engaged employees are 202% more productive than unengaged employees

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