Make Change Management as EASY as possible

Rule One: Find the best perspective

Abandon your fear about change management. It is easy if you plan and implement properly.

Find the frame of reference that paints an attractive picture and lower the resistance to change: By utilising key elements of human behaviour, it is frequently possible to create a desire for change, inspire willingness to change and recruit agents of change within your organisation. 

Leadership Empowerment uses a process we’ve developed, based upon the psychology behind behavioural science.

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Change management consulting delivering implementable plans that fit your unique requirements.

Change management & organisational transformation


Rule Two: Ask Good questions

People need to believe in change before they will support it. Leadership Empowerment applies skills developed from years of qualitative market research, the integration of market research methods and managerial training to create inspirational thinking and self-determining enthusiasm for change.


Rule Three: Make Your Plan PEERSMART©

Leadership Empowerment adopts the PEERSMART© approach to overcome change. With concise action programming, clear tactics and comprehensive task identification and delegation, implementing change becomes a breeze.


Rule Four: Organisational Influence Empathy

The informal power structure in any organisation can be a catalyst for change. Leadership Empowerment looks for it, identifies the paths to positivity and incorporates internal marketing tools to recruit agents of change to the table.

Change can be a Rewarding Process of Transformation

Leadership is critical for successful change management

Rule Five: Develop Leadership Synergy

Working with organisational leaders, Leadership Empowerment works to create and establish “killer culture”, pull down silos and develop employee engagement with alignment tools and methods. This ensures enthusiastic change adoption with the least amount of fuss.


Rule Six: Normalisation - Aligning & Adjusting Values

 Leadership Empowerment introduces nodes of normalisation and a suite of engagement tools that leaders can modify and arrange to suit specific and unique needs for any organisation.

"Its all about People" - Jack Welch


Rule Seven: Manage the 3 “E’s”

Experience, Elimination and Expectation control are properties of great change management. LE utilises tailored methodology to utilise experience, eliminate barriers and blockages, and standardise expectations so change happens as painlessly as possible. 


Rule Eight: Popularize

Promoting any movement in the right direction creates reverence for the importance of progress. Internal spin, positive reinforcement of effort and internal communications all contribute to achieving transition and successful change. LE works with you to development internal marketing communications plans that prepare and provide beneficial activity.

Survival depends on your ability to adapt & change

Leadership Empowerment Helps

People can resist change, be unwilling to change or even fight change. 

Leadership Empowerment uses the knowledge honed from studies of business success and long-term prosperity to continually identify capabilities appropriate for change; to adapt and evolve as the root foundation and contribute to client stability and long-term success.

Leadership Empowerment helps with the ability to rise above self-imposed constraints, beliefs, and limitations and thrive on easy adaptation and comfortable , implementation of change.

The Right Way to Assess the Need for Change

Leadership Empowerment has specialised skills in identifying, assessing, prioritising and implementing change. Mn initial change assessment provides management with the information it needs to determine appropriate timing, the best course of action the steps necessary and a critical path overview to leaders can integrate change as seamlessly as possible into ongoing operational routines.

The Right Way to Implement Change 

Internal Marketing, inspiring leadership, engaging teams and securing positive determination to make change a success can be a challenge: It doesn’t happen naturally.

Leadership Empowerment can develop staged action program with tactical guidelines down to task lists so that management have the best chance of adopting directive sand adapting to change.

Transformation Help

Ask for:

· Strategies for tailored deployment planning of a Project. 

· Guidelines for activity management to ensure successful implementation including:

o Liaison

o Feedback design

o Contingency Planning

o Issues identification

o Process facilitation for planning

o Readiness Assessment

o Budget and resource management recommendations

o Reporting and Board recommendations

  • Design and implement change management strategies including change impact assessments, stakeholder management, planning internal and external communications and training requirements, HR and other resource issues.
  • Determine, deliberate and develop alignment of change objectives and tactics with other business considerations.
  • Work with management to develop and maintain a stakeholder matrix as required.
  • Collaborate with senior leaders, project managers, and project teams to drive change
  • Identify and manage key relationships within the organisation and any external teams trade partners or other stakeholders

Your Leadership Empowerment consultant applies skills and knowledge honed from decades of experience in organisational change management, with experience in that extends from Government and multi-national entities to SME and agile businesses. 

With experience in developing change strategies and implementation plans, well-versed in communication, negotiation and influencing skills with a wide range of stakeholders, able to think strategically, solve problems and successfully manage complex issues in a cross -sectorial environment.

Don’t just manage change, lead change, market change, master change!

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