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Write an empowering, motivating, culture-changing Mission & Vision Statement.

Sydney-based management, strategy & marketing advisors to large national & international businesses

P&G, 3M, TNT, Sara Lee, MMD, NAB, CBA, Mars and dozens more have prospered from our consultants' help. You can too. 

Skills to help you build a good mission as the foundation for earth-shattering business performance.

Advice you can trust because every person looking after you has at least 30 year's experience in the discipline relevant to your problem... PLUS, your consultant is fully academically qualified in the discipline specific to your needs (or we don't take the brief).

Expert business consultants that advise Boards, directors and CEO's

Genuine, authentic, empathetic, wise, frank & honest, collaborative advice from peers dedicated to your success.

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The Hierarchies of Marketing

The History of Leadership Empowerment

Incorporated in 2003, as a strategy & planning consultancy specialising in product launch, the team wanted to empower marketing leaders with the science of Marketing knowledge... connecting the power of business knowhow using both practical/commercial with academic knowledge. The firm originally selected the name "Launch Engineering". With the depth of our knowledge we outgrew the name and given the firm's achievements were more to do with Leadership Empowerment, that is what we renamed ourselves in 2019; continuing a legacy of always delivering help that more than reimburses clients for taking our advice.