Create Inspiring Mission & Vision Statements

Write empowering, motivating, culture-changing Mission & Vision Statements to build "Killer Culture"

  • Bolster your business with maximum employee engagement & alignment (and enjoy the 202% productivity you'll create)
  • Develop "like-minded thinking" so their initiative is always perfect (not to mention teamwork, morale and cooperation)
  • Vision and mission statements provide leadership guidance that drives people. When people are inspired, driven, they become engaged. They act like emissaries of your organisation and their inspiration inspires customers to engage, which inspires them to become dedicated emissaries of your brand.

Embracing a Mission Statement will:

  • Give businesses heart, soul, meaning & purpose
  • Create clarity and direction for all levels of management & staff
  • Explain, enlighten & align all the people connected to the business as to why it exists.
  • Help engage & empower ALL employees
  • Create a more secure, prosperous & long-term business

"Enterprises using mission statements & vision statements successfully outperform those without mission & vision statements, by more than six to one!" 

- The Genesis Group


Good Governance Means Creating the Right Mission & Vision

Why You Need a Mission & Vision

A Complete Vision-Mission Development Answer

Leadership Empowerment executives know how to drill down to core and root issues, to bridge the rank and file perspectives to those of the Board and shareholders.

Investing in a mission-vision consultant to lead a workshop where you create and refine your organisation's purpose, vision and mission statements, objectives, strategies & action program is simply prudent governance.

While other mission-vision consultants abandon you there, we don't  leave you to 'sink or swim' once the workshop is over. Instead, we help you launch and implement your new corporate vision in any area  you need assistance... from drafting an internal marketing plan to briefing the creative team at your ad agency, or presenting to trade partners and other stakeholders.

You get ALL the tools you need to integrate your new vision & mission into your organisation and to all your relevant stakeholders.

Internal Marketing Turns Your Mission and Vision into Culture

Our leading-edge strategy consultants work with you to ensure the heart and soul of your organisation beats to the drum of your new   mission and vision statements. 

Your needs are accurately identified with a preliminary organisational assessment: A review that that coordinates your understanding of your organisation, its dynamics to flag any critical issues, unknown factors, and key "hot buttons", so your Mission & Vision Workshop produces the absolute best output.

Our assistance includes (optional) internal marketing planning, and discovery analysis if there is resistance to change.

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An inspiring, memorable and actionable Mission Statement doesn't just set the direction of the business, create a focus of purpose and avoid secret agendas between rival executives and departments.

It engages and aligns staff, stakeholders, shareholders and trade partners to create greater productivity, values & culture.

Executives who claim a Mission Statement is of low value, may underestimate the importance of a mission & vision statement in strategic marketing planning.

However, organisations that embrace and support their Mission and Vision statements, routinely exhibit greater stability of market share, lower staff attrition while enjoying the consistency of growth, even in  hard economic circumstances.