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PR (Public Relations), Word-of-Mouth & Getting Free Publicity

Get the most from your PR (Public Relations): Generate free publicity, word of mouth advertising and editorial

Strategic Public Relations Planning is a pivotally important part of your promotional mix. How you manage your PR (Public relations) can have a significant effect on exposure, the amount of free publicity, and media relations can mean the difference between good and bad publicity, word of mouth information dispersion, sponsorship ROI & the success of your brand management.

See how the relative importance of different media is changing! How word of mouth PR and publicity has grown in importance!

The relative importance of different types of promotion has been changing for some time. This is accelerating!

Many advertising agencies still sing the praises of TV advertising, but no longer is it as relatively important in B2C, and its true benefit has never been key in B2B.

Rules are being broken… successfully! Business successes and outcomes are proving straggling academic theorists wrong, or at least on the hop!

Acutely aware practitioners are securing significant and sustainable competitive advantage by recognising and utilising their knowledge of change to make them better at satisfying market wants and needs and securing longer lasting and generous profits.

6 Steps to Getting Great Publicity

  1. Incorporate PR into a written and comprehensive marketing communications plan which includes an Action Program for publicity, advertorial, editorial, SMM (social media marketing) with word of mouth with smooth objectives of what positioning you want good PR to achieve
  2. Delegate responsibility for PR to a c-level executive responsible for marketing, growth and strategies in their formal job description and performance appraisal criteria
  3. Focus your PR purpose towards stimulating better brand loyalty, positive publicity, coordinated with advertising, for maximum editorial and word of mouth opportunities.
  4. Ensure PR activity aims at key segments and the prime target audience
  5. Remember: Every exposure of the business to the public is an opportunity to impress and generate publicity, editorial and word of mouth
  6. Build Communication with your prime target customers: Customers who prefer, like and want your business, products, services, skills and knowledge.

If you want to improve, or fine-tune your PR and publicity, and tap into the knowledge bank of proven marketing communications methods from around the world, like big corporations do, click this button to email, dial 02 8011 4355 to call, or fill out the webmail form, below.


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Get Free Publicity, Go viral and get word of mouth advertising

Social media has revolutionised word-of-mouth communication… a brand can be cruelly marred with just one viral message, or its success can be assured…

So the temptation is to brief a journalist, a writer, a product expert … GREAT , if you can map out the strategy in words they understand… not so great if you leave them to their own devices, unmanaged, unbridled and without scope and direction.

Which is WHY it is prudent to use strategic marketing consultants that know how publicity can work for you:

  1. Know how publicity fits into your organisation and to create synergies around it
  2. Know how to choose a PR consultant… and work collaboratively to allow them to perform the best they can
  3. Know how to achieve cost-effective publicity… where to pick the “low-hanging fruit”
  4. Know how to chase the kind of free publicity that will yield response in terms of profit
  5. Know how to recognise, select and manage the specialists responsible for local/regional/global publicity
  6. Know how to optimise and promote your digital presence, image and sales.

The Role of Publicity – Generating Free Publicity

When appraising a PR service provider, work output isn’t necessarily enough. Rather they should be measured on their ability to:

  • Develop a positive and familiar relationship with all media
  • Identify news and WOM opportunities
  • Profile your achievements
  • Direct journalists and bloggers to you as the ‘right’ expert
  • Coach other staff in PR activities
  • Manage all PR issues – to ‘fire fight’ as well as promote
  • To ‘air’ thoughts & findings

News Value: What gets free publicity?

Great PR means creating publicity by weaving a great story that embodies more than one of the following.

  • Impact (drama, outrage, shock value)
  • Timeliness (news fast 27/7)
  • Proximity (most likely to effect the readership)
  • Novelty (strange, contradictory, different)
  • Prominence ((people who are important, celebrities, hold status)
  • Human Interest (emotionally, attachment, generosity, philanthropy)
  • Currency (things that hold an on-going fascination)

Squeezing Value from your PR Agency

PR Agencies and firms are specialists in their field. They know who to develop relationships, how media businesses work, what makes journalists “tick”, etc.

Managing PR Firms

Our function is to control and maximise performance of PR agencies so they can do the best job possible, and their client, like you, enjoy best possible results. We are the conduit that helps focus agencies, ensuring they stay in context, and are empowered to exercise their best efforts, concentrating their efforts in synchronisation with your resources and goals, so every effort is made to liaise with media contacts on your behalf with productive media relations and publicity strategy.

An Example of How Professional Marketing Consultants Can Help a Business Manage their PR Agencies

From 1996 to 2003, our company managed the PR for fitness trainer agency, Fit Too Travel. Although they had a meagre advertising budget of less than $40,000 per annum, the value of the publicity generated was NEVER less than $250,000 per annum! So successful was the publicity generated that the business secured an unaided recall in adults 21-50 of over 20% in the Sydney metro area…. and awareness level that media experts suggest would require in excess of $2M to secure only temporarily.

Nothing is more thrilling for us than when we show clients new strategic marketing methods, and generating results when they apply use them. If you want to experience “out of the ball-park” publicity and corresponding response, Call 02 8011 4355, or CLICK BELOW .


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